Eight Key Moments From Donald Trump's AMA on Reddit

July 27th 2016

Almie Rose

How do you get a forum to ask presidential candidate Donald Trump anything you want? If you're Reddit community r/The_Donald, apparently all you have to do is ask.

Donald Trump Reddit AMA

On Wednesday afternoon, Trump was a very special guest on "The Donald," a corner of Reddit where thousands of supporters bask in the perceived glory of the real estate mogul turned politician. Their admiration for the Donald is strong and passionate — Trump supporters even have their own language.

Here are eight key takeaways from the AMA that took place on Wednesday night.

1. People didn't think the real Donald Trump was answering some of the questions.

His team posted about the AMA on Trump's Facebook page, but who was really behind the answers?

In the beginning, Trump's tone in the AMA was very different from the one we are so used to hearing in his speeches and on his Twitter account. When asked:

"We firmly believe Hillary will try and steal this election through vote fraud, especially given recent events. What is your campaign doing to ensure that we have a fair election?"

... and about NASA, Trump responded with

Donald Trump Reddit

Which is a very diplomatic thing to say compared to what we're used to hearing, which is usually something like:

Would the real Donald Trump resist a prime opportunity to name call Hillary Clinton?

2. Rest assured, "Crooked Hillary Clinton" made an appearance after all.

Trump whipped out the nickname when Breitbart writer/Twitter pariah Milo Yiannopoulos asked him about H-1B reform.

Donald Trump Reddit

And when he was asked, "What is your plan for reducing or removing the influence of money on politics?" (seriously), Trump responded with his favorite Clinton insult, to the absolute mad glee of his supporters:

Donald Trump Reddit

3. Trump was beyond slow to respond.

As one Twitter user pointed out,

"Mr. Trump is landing for his next rally and it's interrupted his wifi," was the reason given by a moderator, "he will be back shortly."

Trump did have a rally scheduled in Toledo on Wednesday night, which would explain why it took him so long to answer so little, and why he perhaps may have had some help in answering his many questions.

5. Once Trump got into the swing of things, he was pretty boring.

Really, his AMA was the same word salad you always get from Trump.

He answered the question,

"What do you think is/are the reason(s) for Hillary refusing to hold any press conferences for such a huge amount of time?"


Donald Trump Reddit

6. He thinks Bernie Sanders supporters are going to back him.


"[...] What is the most important thing you would like to convey about yourself and your policy positions to the people who voted for Bernie in the primary but are now considering either staying home or voting third party in November?"

Donald Trump Reddit

Bernie Sanders has made it very clear how he feels about this line of thinking:

7. He still hasn't offered any concrete details about his plans for health care.

All he's offering is that it will be "an amazing new plan:"

Donald Trump Reddit


8. He's not tired of winning.

Here's one question he managed to answer fully and completely:

Donald Trump Reddit

You can read his full AMA on Reddit.