Scott Baio's Attempt to Explain His Sexist Tweet Is Cringeworthy

July 19th 2016

Almie Rose

Scott Baio, an actor turned Republican spokesperson, is making no apologies for a sexist and distasteful Hillary Clinton meme he retweeted earlier this month.

However you feel about Hillary Clinton, publicly sharing an image that refers to her as a "cunt" is not a good look, something Twitter users were quick to point out.

The photo itself is likely a terrible Photoshop image to begin with:

Still, Baio has refused to apologize.


In fact, he appears to have doubled down:

CNN asked Baio to address the tweet on live TV at the RNC.

Baio, who was a speaker at the Republican National Convention, was confronted by CNN's Dana Bash, who asked him on live television, "I have to ask you about a tweet that you sent out last week. Hillary Clinton in front of a sign. [...] given the high profile that you have now, given the discourse that I think Republicans are trying to sort of calm down, do you regret that?"

"It's just a picture somebody sent and we sent it out," was Baio's excuse. "You make of it what you want. I didn't put anything behind it. I just sent it out there. You look at it, you look at it any way you want."

The Trump Campaign has a history of sexist rhetoric.

Trump took it upon himself to personally hurl insults towards Fox News correspondent, Megyn Kelly. When that wasn't enough, his followers joined the hate brigade against Kelly on Twitter.

In March, Donald Trump retweeted a sexist meme about his then-opponent's wife.

Trump did not formally apologize to Heidi or Ted Cruz. Instead, he called the retweet "a mistake." It seems likely then, that Baio will follow in Trump's footsteps by not apologizing.

However, there are consequences to Trump, and his surrogates, unapologetically using sexist language. A Gallup poll conducted in April reported that 70-percent of women had an unfavorable opinion of the Donald.

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