Bill Maher's Advice to Democrats

In a freewheeling conversation with ATTN: Editor-in-Chief Matthew Segal, Bill Maher vented about President Trump's hypocrisy, Republican climate change denial, and his assessment of the commander-in-chief's temperament. 

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But Maher also had some thoughts about Democrats, including concerns that the party wasn't learning from candidate Hillary Clinton's loss. "When you're nowhere, you can only go up," Maher said of Democrats. "I just don't, unfortunately, see a lot of people who have learned the lesson [of the 2016 election] so far."

When asked who should run in 2020, Maher urged someone "charismatic" who could take on Trump, and advocate for issues that Americans care about, without getting bogged down in policy minutiae. And he invoked one particular president as a model of the "mean bastard" who could appeal to Trump supporters and "kale eating" Democrats alike. 

To find out what ex-POTUS Maher was talking about, and to see more of ATTN:'s interview, click the link below:

Featured Image:AP/Frank Micelotta