These Tweets Nail The Hidden Sexism Most Women Deal With Every Day

"Women, what's the most infuriating thing you've had mansplained to you?"

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That was the question writer-podcast host Tracy Clayton asked the women of Twitter on Tuesday. And the women delivered with overwhelming responses - tweets ranging from funny to frustrating, but most of which ended up striking a balance of both. 

More than being funny, if slightly horrifying, these tweets depict instances of gender inequality on a basic level. They're reminiscent of another recent Twitter thread about gender inequality, in which a male and female co-worker switched emails, and the man was shocked when he realized how differently he was treated when presumed to be a woman.

As far as the mansplaining tweets went, naturally, a man tried to get in on it with a joke:

And it promptly got side-eyed:


Featured Image:AP/Tom Williams